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18th Century Oil Painting on Canvas “Judith with the Head of Holofernes” in Elaborate Heavy Gilt Gessoed Frame


Here is a beautifully painted on canvas in a heavy gilt gessoed frame, painted in the 18th century.  The scene is of the story of Judith & the head of Holoferns (Biblical story) – a version was painted and made famous in the 16th century by Titian.

The canvas shows a woman dressed in her robe holding a sword in her right hand and looking pensive. In the lower right hand corner of the painting is the head of General Holofernes (Assyria).

The painting is a scene from the story of the beheading of Judith had succeeded in luring the enemy warlord Holofernes into his tent, where she seized the opportunity to cut of his head while his guards were outside. 

The painting with elaborate frame measures 48 inches tall x  39 inches wide.

Both the painting and frame are in excellent condition.


Out of stock

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