1903-1905 German Military Artillery Regiment (BadFeld Battalion) Painted and Enamelled Porcelain Beer Stein, with Lithopane, Metal Lid with Imperial Prussian Eagle


A very interesting, colourfully painted and enamelled porcelain beer stein. The stein is a commemorative for the 1903-1905 BadFeld Battalion Artillery Regiment No. 66. It lists the names of the solders down each side of stein and shows scenes of battle. The stein has a pewter lid with a “shell nose” dome and the lid handle shows the Imperial Prussian eagle. There is lots of writing in German. There is also a lithopane on the bottom of the stein.

There are no visible maker’s mark on the piece.

The stein measures 10 inches tall and is in, overall, very good condition with bright colours. Note: the lid could use some adjustment as it fits loosely over the stein.



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