19th Century – Miniature Italian Pietra Dura Portrait.

19th Century – Miniature Italian Pietra Dura Portrait.

A Italian ‘pietra dura’ portrait of a dancer with tambourine, that dates 19th Century. Pietra dura (translates as “hard stone” in Italian) designs are usually micromosaics, or jewelry objects composed of small pieces of stone.  The components in this design are rare and unusual, with a subject matter of a figure, it is polished with thinly sliced pieces of stones of: agate, lapis, lazuli, jasper and chalcedony, and placed into a dark background of dark marble. The pietra dura is placed in a gilt frame of a simple rectangle shape and design, with a strong wire hanger at the back.

A unique Italian ‘Pietra Dura’  portrait of timeless elegance and quality, it would make a splendid art object for collectors, or the home.

Frame Measures: 6 inches x 10 inches.

Stone Measures: 4 1/2 inches x 8 1/2 inches

Excellent Condition. Minor patination commensurate with use and age.


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