American Gold and Silver Beaded Mesh Evening Bag with Fringe, Embossed Metal Frame and Metal Chain, Plunger Opening

An American-made mesh evening bag decorated with patterns in silver and gold beading with beaded fringe at the bottom of the bag. The has an embossed metal frame and clasp with a plunger opening at the top of the bag. It has a metal chain for easy carrying.

The interior of the bag is pale grey satin with gold braid around the edge.

The bag with chain is 15 inches long and measures 5 1/4 inches wide.

Note: there are some condition issues with this bag. There is a section of fringe missing on the bottom. The beading is sloppily attached to the frame with thread and there are holes under the ends of the frame where the beaded section is not attached. These issues could be repaired.

The beaded section is in good condition (other than the piece of fringe missing) and the metal frame is in good shape. The plunger opens properly. Overall, it is a nice looking piece.


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