French, 24 inch High Bronze ‘Triomphe des Arts’ – Statue of a Woman with Lyre – Signed ‘A. Gaudez’.


A classical bronze statue of a woman holding a turtle shell lyre in tribute to ‘Triomphe Des Arts’, (possibly Venus) dedicated to the new arts in the public sphere, inspired by love.

Features two inscribed plaques ‘Triomphe Des Arts Par A Gaudez Hors Concours’, and then a presentation plaque reading ‘Le Comite de la Ste De Secours Mutuels De La Ville De St Die. Ason President Pierre Hirsinger 28 – 7 – 1925’ done in 1925.  The figure would be dated earlier than this in the 1880’s.

Signed, ‘A. Gaudez’ for Adrien Etienne Gaudez (1845-1902)

Signed. ‘A.Gaudez’ on bronze.  Titled on front with 2 plaques (noted above).

Measures: 24 inches tall x 8 1/2 inches wide.

Excellent Condition.


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