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French – Dieffenbacher, Paris Upright Piano with Porcelain Plaques and Elaborate Bronze Decoration – circa 1890

A spectacular piano, made by Dieffenbacher, Paris France. The piano in King Wood and decorated with 5 large hand painted ‘Sevres’ style  porcelain plaques of putti (cherubs) and floral sprays.  In addition to the porcelain plaques, the piano is lavishly decorated with high quality bronze mounts all over the piano & ebony & ivory keys.  The Dieffenbacher name is inlaid in brass into the wood.  A music holding stand extends from the interior of the piano and unfolds for sheet music and then folds back up and gets tucked and hidden away under the piano top.

There are two doors that open on the lower half of the piano to expose the strings and soundboard  – along with two bronze decorative pedals

The piano measures 54 inches long x 13 inches deep at the top and is 47 inches tall.

The piano interior needs work – including tuning & replacement parts that professional Piano Technician can do.  But the condition of the exterior is in beautiful shape.  We are selling the piano in it’s current condition as a lovely example of fine furniture and a piano that you will not find a duplicate.

From a French website – the company Dieffenbacher was founded by Jean George Dieffenbacher in 1841 in Paris and passed down to his sons & grandsons over the years until 1912 when the company was bought out by G. Fortin.


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