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German Mettlach Lidded Stein / Tankard by Villeroy & Boch dates 1871-1909


This is an exemplary example of a Mettlach stein by Pillory and Boch. It featured a masterful trellis, grape vine and bird design that wraps around the body to highlight a placard that has what I believe to be a German drinking song. The plaque words, in German, are in black with red accents and are flanked with figures, one male & one female.  This stein or tankard has a pottery lid that attaches to the handle with a pewter hinge, the hinge works easily to allow the drinker to open it using one hand.

Marked:  Villeroy & Boch, Mettlach, 1370, II, 30 00 and 1/2 L. The mark in green was used from 1874 till 1909.

Measures:  6 inches high at handle x 5 1/2 inches wide including handle.

Excellent Condition: No chips, cracks or repairs.



Out of stock

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