Hagenauer Austria Silver Plate Book End with Figure on Horseback over Flower

A wonderful single silver-plated book-end by Hagenauer, with a figure on horseback and a flower.

The book-end is stamped with the “WHW” trademark and “Austria” on the back of the plate.  There is just 1 book end (not a pair).

The Hagenauer works were founded in 1898 by Carl Hagenauer (1872 – 1928) in Vienna Austria and he was joined by his sons, Franz and Karl.  Hagenauer was greatly influenced by African themes.  The studio continued production through the middle of the 20th century until the death of Franz Hagenauer in 1986.

The book end measures 5 inches long x 3 3/8 inches deep and stands 4 3/4 inches tall.

There is a small spot of silver-plate loss on the book-end plate but, overall, the piece is in very good condition.


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