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Hannah B. Barlow Doulton Lambeth Jardinier w/ Stag and Deer dates 1883

A Large HANNAH B. BARLOW Doulton Lambeth Jardinier with Stag and Deer dates 1883

This is a wonderful example of the work produced by the first female artist that worked for Doulton Lambeth, Hannah B. Barlow.

She specialized in animals and incised them into the clay as if sketching and on this piece Stag and Deer. Hannah used multiple techniques to decorate this jardiniere including salt glaze, slip, incised animals and paint.

This stoneware jardiniere is in excellent condition.

Impressed Mark:  Doulton Lambeth and 1883 for the year is was made.
Initialled Marks: For Hannah B. Barlow and what appears to be other initials possible for one of her siblings.

Measures: 9 1/4 inches high by 8 1/2 inches wide.

Excellent condition – No chips, cracks or repairs.

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