Large 15 inch French Opalescent Charger with Pheonix Design – by Pierre D’Avesn, France circa 1930’s.

A large Art Deco opalescent charger with a design of a Pheonix by Pierre D’Avesn.  Pierre d’Avesn studied at the prestigious Ecole des Arts Décoratifs in Paris. At the age of fourteen, was hired to work with René Lalique, who taught him the art of glass making. During this period, he designed Lalique’s famous “Serpent” vase as well as the “Tourbillons” vase, two of the most highly priced and extremely collectable pieces by “Lalique”.

In 1927, he worked at Daum to design the Verreries D’Art Lorrain near Luneville. Between 1937 and 1940 d’Avesn managed the Verlys glassworks.

Measures: 15 inches diameter.


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