Large 29 inch French Enamelled Painted Porcelain & Gilt Bronze Clock with Cherubs, Flowers – ‘Schneider & Campbell – Union Square, New York’

A spectacular painted and enamelled French bronze and porcelain clock wth a detached pendulum. The gilt bronze clock sits on 6 feet and has a large cherub with crossed legs sitting on each side of the body of the clock. There is another cherub on the top of the clock and it is holding a flower garland.

The painted and enamelled porcelain body and dial of the clock show cherubs and garlands. On the back of the porcelain body are painted flowers and trees.

The porcelain face of the clock shows a cherub and cloud. The Roman numerals on the dial are gold and, painted on the face is “Schneider Campbell & Co. Union Square New York” (the retailer of the clock).   On each side of the clock face are lions heads in bronze with rings in their teeth.

The painting’s artist has signed the body of the porcelain – signed “A. Daret”

The clock measures 29 inches tall x 18 inches wide.


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