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Russian Gold & Rubies , Wood Back Frame – Pre-Revolution, Painted Miniature of “Tsar Nicholas II ” – Bearing Faberge Marks – 14kt & 9kt Gold & Rubies front with .88 Silver back easel Support.

A rare ‘Painted Miniature of “Nicholas II Tsar of Russia” – 14kt & 9kt Gold  With Rubies set in the gold ribbon’  – dates 1896-1917.  bearing Faberge marks.

It is set in a fitted gold bezel decorated with a silver ribboned bow and fourteen small round faceted rubies (1.85 – 2.10mm size), with a walnut wood oval-shaped plaque with a screwed access panel and fitted outer bezel in 10 karat yellow gold, with fitments and easel stand crafted in silver.

Marked. Russian Hallmarked gold and silver.  BA work master mark (Victor Aarne) &  Faberge mark.  ’56’ Russian gold standard (for 14 karat).   Dates late 19th century – early 20th century.

Russian Silver Hallmarked: Mark of ’88’ (916 Russian Standard.) Silver & a Woman wearing “B.A” (VA/English) with the purity Assay marks for Moscow 1896 – 1917. Fitments and easel stand crafted in silver.

Excellent Condition.   Slight crack in wood backing.

A similar wood backed frame with similar ovals & ribbon decoration is located at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.*&who=House+of+Carl+Fabergé&pos=11


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