LOETZ Type – Austrian FRTIZ HECKERT “Oil Spot” Green / BLUE Iridescent 6″ VASE

This lovely vase has a simple form with a flat-rimmed raised lip above a bulbous body tapering down to a round, flat foot.

The vase is shades of bluish-green and gold with a whitish opaline interior and an irridescent rainbow-like surface shimmer over the luminous colour. 

The vase is not signed but has been attributed to Fritz Heckert by austrian glass experts.

This elegant piece of art glass would make a handsome addition to any modern decor or art glass collection.

Marked: Unmarked. Pontil visible on the bottom of the vase (pictured).

Measures: Vase measures 6 ” high x 3 3/8 ” across at the top x 2 1/2 “across at the base .


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