Pair of 19th Century Hand Blown Cranberry Decanters.

This is a beautiful pair of matching, faceted crystal, mouth-blown decanters in cranberry.

The ball-shaped honey-comb facetted stoppers fit securely inside the round, flat lips surrounding the openings at the tops of necks of the bottles.

The elongated necks have petal shaped facets that cascade down to the top of the bulbous decanter bottoms.

The bulbs are clear at the top, with a band of thumb-print impressions above double-diamond facets, covering the lower bottoms all the way to the bases.

The decanters are finished with inset, slightly raised, round, pedestal feet.

These decanters are in remarkable condition for their age. They would make a handsome addition to a collection of English cranberry glass, or wonderful additions to the wine or port service on a well-appointed dinner table.

Unmarked. Puntil visible and palpable on the bottom of the bases

Measures: Height: 14″ Diameter: 6″ centre 5″ base.


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