Roberts and Dore (R &D Ltd.) Sheffield Embossed Silver-Plated and Etched Crystal Double Biscuit Barrel, 1908-1912


A gorgeous silver plate and etched crystal double biscuit barrel, made by Tom Rodes Roberts and James William Dore (R & D Ltd) of Sheffield, England, circa 1908-1912. The biscuit barrel lids are embossed with flowers and leaves surrounding a shield.

There is a piece of chain attached to each hinged lid and either one side or both sides can be opened at once, depending on how the lever below the handle is raised.

The underside shows the makers’ marks plus the codes for the date and Sheffield , as well as the number “1865”.

The piece measures 10 1/2 inches tall from the top of the handle to the base and 10 inches wide.

It is in excellent condition.


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