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19th Century Chinese Stacking Marriage Dowry Wood and Metal Chest


An unusual Chinese marriage dowry stacking chest with 4 stacking boxes and a removable lid set into a wrought iron frame.  The front and back of the chest show a hand painted colourful scene of a warrior brandishing 2 swords and riding a dragon and there are Chinese characters in the upper right corner of the painting. The painting spans over the 4 boxes.

The iron frame allows the chest to be picked up and moved.  There also is a hole on either side of the top frame that would allow a long pole to pass through in order to lock the chests in place so they could not be opened (the pole is no longer with the chest).

There is some wear to the boxes, as it was thinly leather clad.  There is also a clear varnish over top the boxes and iron that has dried over the years creating a bubbly type finish in places.

It is 32 inches long x 17 inches wide x 38 1/2 inches tall

Dates late 19th Century.

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