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Dutch Pottery – “Gouda” Painted pottery Vase c.1930

Dutch Pottery – “Gouda” Painted pottery Vase c.1930

This an interesting piece of Dutch pottery out of Gouda Holland from the WB Regina factory. Has excellent background gradation from cobalt blue at the top to black at the bottom anchoring the olive green leaf shapes to make the Chrysanthemum flower take centre stage front of some yellow and turquoise accents. Two toned inside black neck and cream body.

Measures: 5 1/4 inches high x 5 1/4 inches wide.

Marked: Regina, mould number 222, crown logo, pattern name Chryso,  WB Gouda, Holland, Spec. Made For H. B.Ltd. (for Henry Birks Ltd – helping to date it circa 1930).

Excellent Condition.



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