Gilt English Hallmarked Sterling Box By English Silversmith Daniel Hockley. London, dated, 1814.

Gilt Box By English Silversmith Daniel Hockley. Dated, 1814.

A small gilt box in silver with English Silver Hallmarks, it is dated 1814. The marker Daniel Hockley, was one of the first English silversmiths settlers in Eastern Cape, Port Elizabeth during the 1820s.  It is decorated with a leaf and flower border around the body, with a curved edge in the centre it is easy to open and close. The top and bottom is engraved with a net pattern in shape of a rectangle to form emphasis on the unique design and structure.

This piece was once used as an everyday day object for snuff.

Marked: D.H stands for Daniel Hockley. Leopard with Crown. Dated with the letter ‘T’ for 1814. Duty Mark with the head during the reign of George III.

85 grams in silver.

Measures: 3 inches in length x  1 1/2 inches wide.

Excellent Condition: No repairs. (minimal scratches and rubbing on surface, with a small tarnish on the interior of one hinge from gentle use )


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