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Louis XVI French Marble and Bronze Doré – 3 Piece Garniture Clock Set – Gille L’Aine, Paris.

An 18th century Louis XVI period garniture 3 piece clock set by Gille L’Aine, Paris.  White marble body with gold doré figures of 2 cherubs and  a woman adorning the clock.  Panels in in bronze of cherubs in play mounted on the front lower base of the clock.  Enamel face with black Roman numerals with the maker:  “Gille L’Aine, Paris” – for Pierre Francoise Gille L’aine (1723-1784) .  The pendulum hangs from an early silk suspension.  Bell strikes on the hour and half hour with an 8 day movement.

The set comes with 2 original side pieces which can be converted from a round marble dome top – when you flip the top over, they become candle holders.  Back of clock has convex glass dust cover.
The Quality is exceptional.
This clock measures:  14 3/4  inches high x 13 inches wide  x 5 1/2 inches deep
The side pieces measure:  10 1/2 inches high x 4 inches diameter.

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