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Rare – Mortimer & Hunt (Paul Storr) Large Sterling Tipping Kettle – London 1840 – 2.85 Kg.

A rare early Victorian English sterling silver tipping tea kettle dated 1840 by Mortimer & Hunt. Originally Paul Storr’s company Storr & Co (1819-1822), which became Storr & Mortimer (1822-1838) and upon the death of Paul Storr in 1838, John Hunt (Paul Storr’s nephew) entered the business to become Mortimer & Hunt.

Many of Mortimer & Hunt’s pieces are in Museum collections throughout Europe and this is certainly museum quality.

The monumental tipping kettle with a oak tree motif featuring oak leaves and acorns (including an acorn finial). The kettle sits upon a large, heavy sterling base with wide shell shaped feet. The original burner is also still with the set.

Kettle with stand Measures: 15 inches high x 12 inches wide

English hallmarked for London, 1840. Makers marks for John Mortimer & John Samuel Hunt.

Weight: 2850 grams

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