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Turquoise & Pearl, 14 kt Gold Starburst Brooch / Pendant

14k Gold Turquoise & Pearl Starburst Brooch / Pendant.

A small Starburst decorated with turquoise and pearls. The piece is a lovely star shape design in 14kt gold. It is beautifully made with a unique combination of  turquoise stones and pearls.   This can also be used as a pendant as there is a swivel hook that allows a chain to attach or it can be used as a brooch as there is a locking pin.

There are 6 natural turquoise beads in blue/breen plus 7 cultured pears.  There are also 25 natural gulf pearls along the rays of the star (there should be 30 in total but 5 small ones are missing – this is not noticeable unless you are looking very closely).

An appraisal done in 2015 estimated the replacement value at $2,450.00 Canadian.

This piece is a classic with a style that never fades.  Dates circa 1940/1950.

Measures  1 3/8 inches diameter
Total weight:  7.2 grams (.231 troy oz).

Excellent Condition.  No repairs.  5 small “gulf” pearls missing as noted in the description above.

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