Italian Commemorative European (.800) Silver Medallion Coin in Original Leather Box – 4.75 inch diameter

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Here is a wonderful Italian commemorative European silver (.800) coin in its original blue leather box, with a blue silk interior.

The box is 4 3/4 inches square and is stamped “Lorioli Fratelli, Milano – Roma” on the interior. Please note that there is some wear to the leather exterior.

The coin is marked “Universitas Studiipaduani” around the rim of the front. It has a depiction of  what looks like Mary with a wheat sheaf and wheel, and Jesus with a bible. Both characters are surrounded by stars and with the Roman numerals “MCCXXII” underneath them, along with the artist’s name “Luigi Strazzabosco” on the side.

On the reverse of the coin is the Latin inscription “Anno Inevnte Vicesimo A Conivncta Amicitia Stvdium Patavinvm Vniversitati Californianae Memoriae Cavea”, along with “V – KAL – NOV – A – D – MCMLXXXII” and the numbers 800 and 485.

The coin measures 3 1/8 inches in diameter and is in very good condition.
Weight 189 grams



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