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Royal Worcester Cabinet Plate – Artist Signed Harry Ayrton c1930 ,

Royal Worcester Cabinet Plate of Oystermouth Castle. – Artist Signed Harry Ayrton c1930.

A stunning Royal Worcester piece, that is hand painted and signed by the artist Harry Aytron. The piece depicts a delightful  english sunset landscape scene featuring an old english castle (Oystermouth Castle.), lavish green hills, whimsical trees and sheep.

This is a splendid piece for those who love hand painted treasures, and tend to day dream of english castles, clouds and sunsets.

Marked: In red: Royal Worcester. Made in England.    In green: Oystermouth Castle. In orange: Z 402.

Signed: ‘H Ayrton’  for artist Harry Ayrton, it dates to the 1930’s.



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