Set of 3 Nautical Watercolours – Signed A. Vincent, Titled ‘Sunset Sails’, ‘Rolling Up To London’ & ‘Journey’s End’

A Framed Nautical Watercolour Series Signed by A. Vincent
Titled ‘Sunset Sails’,  ‘Rolling Up To London’ & ‘Journey’s End’

A lovely collection of 3 framed watercolours by A. Vincent, depicting  journeys on the high seas. Each painting is wood framed under glass with a visible 2 inch mat. Each water colour contains a unique narrative featuring sails, the sea and clouds.  ‘Sunset Sails’ depicts a two sailboats and a island with a  lovely sunset scene, ‘Rolling Up To London’  is a Australian Clipper battling rough tides for the journey home, while in ‘Journey’s End’ there is calm waters with three ships returning home from a voyage, one getting a tow to shore. The three painting create the perfect nautical vignette.

Signed: A. Vincent, on both the painting and the mat.

Frames Measure:  12 5/8 inches x 10 5/8 inches Paintings Measure:  5 3/8 inches x 7 1/4 inches
Note:  Two hang horizontal and one hangs vertical.

Excellent Condition:  To my eye these paintings are of original colour as far as I can tell, the mats are a beige/off white and the backs are covered with paper that has not been removed since framing .


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